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Airport City Codes is an Airport Codes database with most of the world's approximately 9,000 Airports.

Airport codes are searchable by country, US state, US city, and Airport code, including Runway Length, Elevation, Latitude and Longitude.

You can use our distance Calculator to type in two airport codes and get the distance (miles, km, nm), flight time and wind adjusted distance. Refer to our airline codes database as a reference on commercial aircraft; Range, Seats, Engines, Aisles, Speed - Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, AVRO, Fokker, Ilyushin, Tupolev, SAAB, ATR .... We have answers to popular questions about airlines and travel, plus a discussion on Airbus' A380 vs. Boeing's Sonic Cruiser. Airline codes are a two letter code and we have those as well. Corrections? Please email them to:

NOTE: AirportCityCodes Airport Code data has not been updated in some time. We're starting to expand the database to include many new Airports in China, Airports in India, and more. This Airport data should not be used for mission critical applications. Airport Information Profiles is in development for these cities below.  Meanwhile visit our Airports Blog,   Follow us on Twitter @AirportsBlog

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�Copyright 2008-2012. All rights reservable are ... reserved! Airport City Codes Data is for general research and NOT deemed reliable for some airport code applications. Our database has not been updated in some time but we're working on a large new Airport Codes update for January 2013. Please contact us for more information.  Thanks for visiting the Airport Codes Database.